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lcp carry system


What do you get when you take a Ruger LCP, DeSantis SuperFly, and add a Technaclip? You get the ultimate light weight deep concealed carry rig.

Unless I’m working around the house or making a trip to Wal-Mart or similar, I usually require ultra deep concealed carry. I absolutely do not want to print or be noticed. There can be many reasons for this and they vary from person to person. How many places do you wish you could carry but don’t want to get noticed? How often do you leave your carry pistol behind because it’s too bulky or heavy?

glock 19 26 and lcp

When I first started carrying, I bought a Glock 19 (Compact) and a nice IWB (Inside Waist Band) holster. It quickly became too big to carry everywhere every day. I downsized to the Glock 26 (Sub Compact), I could use the same holster and same backup magazines. This made a difference, but it was still too big to be my daily carry. I occasionally carry the Glocks when the situation allows, but I needed a whole new system.

After doing much research on “pocket” pistols I chose the Ruger LCP. When I went to purchase one, they had just received an LCP Custom and I opted for the bigger sights and nicer trigger for the same price. I consider the Custom the generation 1.5 of the LCP line up.

I tried many different pocket holsters with the LCP and didn’t care for any of them, even the Nemesis which I grew to love after a small addition. Most of the holsters were either hard to draw from, printed too much, were too big, or a combination. I didn’t want a true IWB or OWB holster for the LCP, I consider it too small for that and none of the ones I have seen would carry it the way I would like.

technaclip instructions


When I found the Technaclip I was pretty confident that it would solve my carry problems. With a little trial and error, it surpassed all expectations. This has been the most versatile carry system I have found. Combined with either the DeSantis Nemesis or the SuperFly I can carry completely concealed in any attire that I choose. Depending on the pants I wear, I usually carry IWB or front pocket. Carrying IWB the Technaclip rides over the waistband of the pants and under a belt if applicable, the holster stays inside the waistband. The pistol rides at an angle with the grip easily accessible allowing a fast draw. It is very secure and can easily be worn all day, even running in gym shorts it stays secure. This is my preferred style of carry unless I have to tuck in my shirt, or I decide to carry one of my Glocks IWB instead. In either scenario, the LCP moves to a front or back pocket.

iwb basketball shorts


The Nemesis is used far more than the SuperFly. I only use the Superfly when I carry front pocket in slacks. The Nemesis just prints too much in this situation, whereas the SuperFly looks like a wallet. The SuperFly can actually do everything the Nemesis can and more, but I don’t like to separate the flap for fear of losing it or destroying the velcro from use. At this pricepoint, I recommend both holsters. When using pocket carry, I just tuck the Technaclip on the inside of the holster to keep it from drawing the holster with the pistol.

lcp in a nemesis

This system may not be perfect for your carry situation, but if you need a light weight versatile rig, you should consider it. This pistol is always with me, basically if I’m wearing pants, then I am wearing this pistol. It’s often my primary carry, but it easily switches to a backup gun when I carry something bigger. It’s better to have a .380 with you than a 9mm or .45 left at home. Even if you are carrying your full size, bring this as a backup.

If you don’t like the Ruger LCP, Technaclip and DeSantis make many other options for other handguns. The LCP works best for me and has been 100% reliable, even full of pocket lint. If you want to see all the carry options demonstrated, along with a slick way I found to carry an extra magazine, then check out my video on it below.


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