OK Survive is dedicated to providing information on a variety of preparedness categories, along with documenting my journey in homesteading and prepping. The main focus will be around “everyday” disasters, localized SHTF events, and self-defense, but will delve into WROL (Without Rule Of Law) and TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).

While being focused around Oklahoma, it is by no means limited by location.  Oklahoma has many geographical features, varied climate, and we see our fair share of disasters.

Temperatures can swing to extremes rather quickly, with records of -31F to 120F.

Heatwaves and droughts with a record of over 100 days over 100F.

A record of 27 inches of snowfall in 24 hours and an ice storm that took out power to 40% of the state’s population, some up to two weeks.


Extreme thunderstorms can form rapidly.


Lightning strikes – About 1 million strikes per year

Flooding rain – 15+ inches in 24 hours – Approximately 40,000 structures reside in floodplain

Tornadoes – A record of 61 tornadoes in one day. The strongest one on record with 301mph wind speeds. The widest one on record with a width of 2.6miles

Straight line winds – Strongest windgust 150.8 mph

Giant hail – Record hail diameter of 6.0 inches




Recently several hundred magnitude 3.0+ earth quakes per year rattle the state, with a record of a 5.8 magnatude.

Oklahoma was even hit by a hurricane one year.


This does not even include the dust bowl or man-made disasters.  I have lived through most of this list, and if it didn’t affect me directly, it wasn’t very far away. However my grandmother did live through the depression and the dustbowl. She was a prepper before preppers were cool, for the rest of her life she always had a stockpile of food and supplies.

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