My whole life I have been interested in the “prepper” life style. I was raised in the country and on a fairly self-sufficient lifestyle. You could say I started in my early 20’s but I mainly just amassed a large collection of firearms, which were later sold to pay for school.

After meeting my wife and being married in 2011 we were living in apartments on a tight budget which didn’t allow for any extras at the time.

My “prepper” lifestyle officially started during 2014. My commercial pilot career was fizzling out due to the economy and my lack of wanting to be “on the road” constantly. My wife was about to graduate with a Ph.D. and plenty of debt.

Our future was unknown at that point. We were living in an apartment, barely getting by. Anywhere her career would take us would most likely be somewhere we did not want to live, and in an industry that would either be hazardous to her health or mental well being.

We made the decision to move out to the country on some of my father’s land. We used our savings to purchase a mobile home, which would pay for itself in two years over paying rent. This move derailed both of our careers, but since our cost of living was substantially lowered, it allowed us to live comfortably. It also allowed us to aggressively pay off the student loans.

A lot of this decision rested on the fact that I would inherit this property and the house my father built. Not only that, he planned on moving to town within approximately five years leaving the house and property to us.  With some work, this would be a preppers dream. Partial underground house, indoor greenhouse, private airstrip and hangar, fresh well water, etc.

Around the same time, we made the decision that we should keep a stock of food and water in the case that we became stranded due to weather or another unforeseen event. However, we went about this all wrong. We stocked up on canned goods and other food that we really didn’t normally eat or shouldn’t eat. We both have dietary restrictions and try to eat a very clean diet. We were even vegan for two years prior to this move.

I have to watch my salt intake because hypertension runs in my family and I am very susceptible to that. I am also mildly allergic to tomatoes and if I eat too many I regret it very quickly. My wife is lactose intolerant, and also very sensitive to gluten.

This combination of limited salt, tomato, wheat, and dairy limits what can easily be stored for prepping. We are still in the process of refining what will work best for us.

During this time I also started collecting tools, hardware, firearms, ammo, tractor implements, anything that would help our new homesteading lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2017, we just had our first child and I quit my full-time job to be a stay at home dad. I felt I need something productive to do on the side from home. I decided to start this survival blog with encouragement from my wife.

I want this blog to not only document my journey but to also help others on theirs. I am in a position to offer great content in a wide variety areas while increasing my skill set and helping to provide a secure existence to my family. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and can take away some helpful information in the process.