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Cooking on the biolites - featured image

Biolite Camp Stoves – Off Grid Cooking

Biolite camp stoves are designed for off-grid cooking and power production. They use the thermoelectric effect to make electricity from heat. The primary use of the generated electricity is to run an onboard fan that increases the efficiency of the fire, and they also feature a USB port to allow [Read more »]

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Survival Maps for SHTF

There are a lot of guides on maps that you should have for an emergency, but I see many types and topics left out. This guide will consist of having multiple maps that cover the same area to obtain the most complete documentation you can have. This can be used [Read more »]

SODIS method on metal roof

SODIS: Disinfecting water with sunlight

There are many ways to make safe drinking water but what if you are caught unprepared and can only scrounge up an old water bottle? There is a way to disinfect water using only sunlight and a plastic bottle. SODIS – “Solar water disinfection”, and since it only requires water [Read more »]

basket of hardtack

DIY Survival Food – Part 1 – Hardtack

  In this series we will be taking a look at a few simple DIY survival foods. They are to be prepared ahead of time, with a long storage life and are either ready to eat, or almost ready to eat. We are going to start off simple with Hardtack [Read more »]

lcp carry system

Ultimate Deep Concealed Carry Rig

  What do you get when you take a Ruger LCP, DeSantis SuperFly, and add a Technaclip? You get the ultimate light weight deep concealed carry rig. Unless I’m working around the house or making a trip to Wal-Mart or similar, I usually require ultra deep concealed carry. I absolutely [Read more »]

CPR Image courtesy of American Heart Association.

CPR Training – Is it in your skill set?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Otherwise known as CPR, is the resuscitation (To Bring Back) of the heart (Cardio) and lungs (Pulmonary). CPR training is a vital skill that I was lacking until I recently participated in a class at a local vocational school. CPR training is some of the most basic and readily [Read more »]